Poultry Shield - Concentrate

Stage 1 Before de-population of the unit, spray liberally with a powerful cleaning product. Ensure enough product is used to soak into all joints of the equipment and nesting boxes. (This also gives a comfortable environment when removing equipment manually). Do not switch the lights off after the birds have been removed. If the lights are switched off the mites come out to feed on the birds. Finding birds are not present, the mites move away from their usual nesting areas on the equipment and typically move up into the roof space making them more difficult to eliminate.

Stage 2 Remove all equipment from the unit and all plastic slats, as interlocking joints can harbour eggs and immature mites.

Stage 3 The unit and equipment must be washed to a clinical standard using a powerful cleaner removing all litter and manure from every area.

Stage 4 Once the new crop of birds are in and the unit temperature is as required, spray again with a powerful cleaning product as the remaining mites will become very active especially if the unit has been empty for a long period of time.

Stage 5 Routine spot spraying with a powerful cleaning product must be done every 4-6 weeks without fail, even if mites are not visible. (Do not spray the birds). Spot spray on all joins in the nest boxes and under the lip of feed tracks.

Poultry Shield is widely recognised as the most powerful non-caustic cleaning product on the market.


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