Happy hens archive two

Happy hens archive two

Emma and Tia

Dear Jude , Thanks for your help with our grumpy chicken, we now have four very happy "chooks" , whom love to be fed by my 2 year old daughter and will sit quite happily on her lap especially if being fed fresh grass!. My daughter insists they like the song "Hey diddle diddle" and who am I to tell her otherwise! so I let her sing to them and they all seem happy! .

We eagerly await the arrival of our first egg !!!

Best wishes and many thanks, Emma and Tia

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Adam & Terri

Hello Jude,

We bought a couple of golden line hens from you last week, and we have now named them 'Rosie' & 'Durka Durka'. They have settled in famously! Looking forward to getting a couple of Amber lee hens soon. The dogs and cats are absolutely fine with them and they started laying eggs within 2 hours of being in their new home!

kind regards, Adam & Terri

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Cathy, Simon & Family

Hi Jude,

Just a quick mail and pickie of the girls, as promised - affectionately named: Jenny, Eva, Beatrix & Poppy! They have all settled in so well, are being thoroughly spoilt rotten of course and we are all enjoying the new experience. 'Jenny' (Amber Lee) is definately the 'Leader of the pack, with Eva (Bovan Goldline) coming a close second. Thank you so much for all your unhurried advise and info and guaranteed support at the end of a phone should we need it. Will keep in touch, and let you know when the first egg arrives - although i guess this won't be in time for easter, will just have to make do with chocolate ones for now! ha ha.... Again, many thanks,

Cathy, Simon & Family

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Sam and Pete Billingham, Worcestershire

Hi Jude

Just a quick email to say how very pleased we are with our chickens that we bought from you in March (2 Bovan Goldlines called Daisy and Penny; 1 Amber Lee called Angel and 1 Black Star called Ebony!!!!). I have attached 2 pictures of the children who now spend more time than ever in the garden with the chickens. The chickens or should I say hens, have settled in well and love digging in the garden. We are now rewarded with at least 3 delicious eggs a day, so you can imagine how excited the children are!
Thanks once again for your advice and help, without which we wouldn't have known where to start!!!

Sam and Pete Billingham

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Jeremy OBrien

Hello Jude

I just thought you might like to know that the 2 Bevan Goldline chickens we got from you a week ago (Sat 19th) seem to have settled in now with our one original chicken. There was certainly a few days of squawking, pecking & chasing but they were all quite happy investigating the garden by this weekend. Our original chicken seems to have perked up too which is good to see so hopefully we'll be getting some eggs again soon.

Best Regards, Jeremy OBrien

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Bob Davidson

Hi Jude,

I've taken lot of pics but it's not easy to get what you want, cause they won't stand still, and always think that you've got something for them. We can identify four of the six without a problem, but the other two we call the twins for now, because physically there's not much difference.

Many thanks, Bob Davidson

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Emily Clewes

Hello Jude

Here some pictures of the three hens we took 'charge' of last Friday.
Have had them all eating some corn out of our hands at some point, but we're not great at picking them up yet. I think we're getting there and they seem quite tolerant of us while we make our attempts. We suspect that we just need to be a bit more 'decisive'.

Thanks again, Emily Clewes

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Tracey and Charlie

Hello Jude

The girls have settled in nicely and our boys are having lots of fun. Their new names are: Layla (the Black Star), Scrat (the Amber Lee) and BG (the Bovan Goldline). All three are eating out of Charlie's hand and they had their first nose around the garden today and strutted about in the rain! Looking forward to placing the china egg into the nest box soon and we'll let you know when we get the first egg!

Best wishes, Tracey and Charlie

Sandy Jones

Dear Jude

I am writing to let you know the three hens we bought from you last week have settled in well to their new surroundings. They are now called Henny Penny, Matilda and Porky Petunia. The smallest is the bossiest and keeps the other two in order. She has already shown our Westie Millie who is the boss by pecking her at both ends!! They seem very happy and look forward noisily to their daily release into the garden and can only be lured back into their run by a scoop of corn.
We have been rewarded this week with two eggs neatly laid in the nest box so everyone is happy!
Thank you very much for these lovely birds - they are very healthy and completely friendly - just as you described them. I am attaching a picture of them on their first exploration of the garden.

Kind Regards, Sandy Jones

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Lewis, Birmingham


I just thought I'd email you tell you how the chickens are getting on. The 2 White Stars are called Alvin & Simon, the 2 Black stars are called Theodore & Matilda! They are very happy and getting on fine.

Two weeks after we had them I went to let them out of their coop and found a brown egg-right on que- followed by white eggs the next day. They taste great and the yolks are really bright orange – no comparison to shop brought eggs.

They are great to watch running around the garden.

Thanks for the hens!

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Cathy, Simon & family

Hi Jude,

Just to let you know, as promised.... Success, we have our first egg! - one small perfectly formed brown speckled egg.
We boiled it, and shared it between the four of us... a tiny mouthful each, but the most delicious egg I have ever tasted! - even my little boy thought it was 'yummy' which was a real suprise as he doesn't normally like eggs!
The girls are really happy and content. We added a mirror to the run today which was really fun to watch, all four of them just couldn't stop looking at themselves, it was like four teenagers grappling for a space in the mirror to put on their makeup! Oh how we laughed.
Many thanks,

Kind regards, Cathy, Simon & Family

p.s - good to see you on Country File on Sunday!

Cathy, Simon & Family

Nicky, Roddy, Dan and Jake.

Hi jude,

we are so pleased with the girls they are now very much part of the family. Daniel has named his chicken,the bovine, cody (disney channel) Jake has named the amber lea snowball and my husband has named the black star mr tumble.We had only had the girls a day, when we woke the nxt morning we had a beautiful egg and has you can see from the photo it was exta special,a double yolker.We are now in our second week and are getting 3 eggs a day,eating plenty of omelettes!!!.The girls are so friendly,especially cody who enjoys coming into the kitchen every evening.and trying the shoelaces!!The children love them,especially my two yr old,the girls love him i thinks thats down to getting double amounts of treats when he feeds them.thankyou for all your help the advice we got was invaluable .100% recommend you as far as we are concerned a very superior set up and beautiful hens.it was deffinetly worth the 2 hrs drive everything you need under one roof.
Thanks again nicky, roddy, dan and jake.

P.S. We have caught the chicken bug and will be back for some more feathered friends.

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Laura Kenyon-Slaney

We are thrilled with our chickens. They took a while to explore their run, preferring to sit in the house and shred newspaper for the first few days until we locked them out for a while and also sprinkled corn a little
further afield in the afternoons.

They are called Tess, Maizey and Tandy (the latter is short for Tandoori which shows my son's warped sense of humour?) but they are all adored and very friendly.

Tess rewarded us with our first egg yesterday - we are sure it is her because of the pelvic bone test you told us about! It was small but delicious and we rewarded all three with a stroll around the whole garden which they loved.

You can see from the attached photograph that they are well loved by the children and are carried around uncomplainingly - Tess has visited me here in my office and been up the treehouse with my daughter!

Thanks again. Laura Kenyon-Slaney

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Lynne Hampson

Hi there

We bought 5 hens from you in October for my daughter’s 4th Birthday and I just wanted to let you know how they are all doing. We chose a Bluebelle (called Bluebelle), a Daisybelle (Daisy), a Sussex Star (Rosie), a Speckled Star (Clarabel) and an Amber Lee (Annie). They are all well settled in now and Ella and Tom have lots of fun chatting to them, feeding them treats and playing chase with them in the garden. Ella even asks to clean out the Eglu with me !!

Keep up the good work and lots of love from us all

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Ailsa and Ned Lammas

Hi Jude,
Hope I've got the right email for the "Happy Hens" section of your website. We bought Fifi (our Bluebelle) and Loulou (our Blackstar) from you about 4 weeks ago and promised to let you know how they're getting on. Our first egg this morning has prompted this (overdue) update complete with photographic evidence!

They both seem very happy and settled and get on very well together and with our neighbour's 2 bantams. They are wonderful personalities, both of them quite different and they have been companionable from day 1. They seemed to bond instantly with no squabbling at all. Most days they are able to potter around free range and will fly/run to the back door as soon as I open it, hoping for some sweeties (corn to you and me!) to peck from my hand.

Ailsa & Ned's chickens

Luke Hearn

Hello Jude,

Sorry it has taken me a while to give you an update on the three pullets that i got from you. They are all doing very well, no eggs yet but i'm happy to be patient. They provide us with great entertainment and seem to like nothing more than to eat all the plants in the garden!! Its great how they each have a completely different personality; the goldline is definately the boss. It also makes it so easy to look after them when they all toddle off to bed as soon as it gets dark.
I will let you know when we get our first egg which hopefully wont be too long. thanks so much for all the help you gave me when i collected the chickens, i have attached some photos for you to have a look at,

Best Regards, Luke Hearn

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Hi Jude

The girls are lovely :) Starting to feel a little more comfortable and at home now. They get up as soon as I open the coop in the mornings and put themselves to bed when it gets dark. I haven't let them out properly with the other chickens yet, just had a couple of tries for 10 minutes or so before bedtime, but the "little" girls are still a bit intimidated by the older ones just yet. I'll give it another week or so then I'll put them altogether in the 1 coop at night and see how they get on.

Will keep you up to date with their progress!

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