Incubation & Rearing

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Incubation & Rearing
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Chick Crumb 5kg

Please call to order in good time as we don't keep stocks of this item all year round.

From £8.95

Covatutto 16 Egg Incubator
The newest incubator in the Covatutto range the Covatutto 16L Digital is equipped with a digital display to allow the quick change of temperature setting making it suitable for the incubation of a wide range of species.
£10.95 For Pigeon Keeper Customers only
Grower Pellets 20kg
From: £8.95
20kg £18.95
Hatchery Sanitiser
Disinfectant for incubation products as well as for use as an egg wash
Heat Lamp
Infra Red Bulb
250w £11.95
Superflash Candling Lamp
For testing fertility and development of hatching eggs
The Comfort Heating Plate 40
This guaranteed perfect temperature makes for happy and warm chicks. Regardless of whether they’ve just hatched or are a couple of weeks old.