Happy hens

Happy hens

Tell us about your chickens

The team here like to know how our girls are all getting on, below is a selection of “happy hens” recently purchased from us.

Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald. Northampton

This is Victoria and sally we had from you last month, they have settled in well and enjoying the grubs and insects they are finding I think they are saying " Are you going to ask him if he is real or shall I"

Fitzgerald's Chicken


First of many - we hope: but who done it? As you can see, you have four choices. Answers on a postcard.

Anna Kennedy. Witney Oxfordshire

Please find attached some photos of our chickens, including some that came from Cotswold Chickens earlier this year. The 'Bluebelle' is especially cheeky and will come inside at any given opportunity - she likes to check and see if the cats and dog have left her anything in their bowls and she's been known to have a quick kip in the dog bed!

Anna's Chickens

Malcolm and Jan. Long Hanbourgh

Having picked up our 6 new babies on Saturday, I just thought you might like to see how they have settled in. They have met the other 2 family members, Chip and Cassey our 2 dogs and have survived.

Malcolm & Jan's Chickens

Matt & Jane. The Piggy Squire

Hi Jude
We visited you last Sunday just to buy some food as we had brought 3 chickens from a local farm the week before. You gave us a good half hour of your time answering all of our questions and offering great advice on things we hadn't even considered. At no time was the any hard sell in fact you even advised us that we didn't need some of the items we thought we should buy. We ended up buying two lovely new birds from you who are now part of our new flock. Such service and knowledge is something you should rightly be proud of. We know where we'll be buying all of our chicken related items from now.

Matts & Janes Chickens


Photo of the first egg - I will never forget the joy of that day! Simon confused me by putting a Cadburys Creme Egg in there too! Also the first encounter with Sam the cat who loves them too.