Chickens in snow winter care

Winter Care

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Winter Care
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Coop Cover
From: £12.95

Protect their run from severe weather

Crossgates Organic Seaweed
Keep their gut healthy this winter
Super Mixed Corn
Slow release heating
Life Guard
From: £19.50

The Rolls-Royce of Vit Boost

A natural supplement formulated for chickens with a patented formula of antioxidants and vitamins.

Nettex Vit Boost Poultry Tonic
From: £13.95

With seaweed & bioflavonoids for a healthier immune system this winter

Battles Comb & Wattle protector
Chickens get frostbite too!
Dried Mealworms For Wild Birds
From: £5.95

Amazingly high in protein providing extra heat

Bokashi Bran
From: £7.95
Ground Sanitising Powder
From: £8.95
A great product for use in treating the ground around your hen house and run as well as bedding in your coop.
Sprinkle on the ground to kill worms at all stages in their development from egg, larvae to fully grown.

Feathered Friends Through Frost: Your Cotswold Chickens Winter Guide

As the days shorten and temperatures dip, our feathered friends need a little extra TLC. But fear not, flock guardians! We've gathered expert tips and cozy essentials to keep your coop clucking merrily all winter long.

Brrrrr-illiant Shelter:

  • Insulate with love: Layer up bedding with hemp, creating a fluffy haven for burrowing beaks.
  • Draft busters unite: Seal tiny cracks with weatherproofing, ensuring precious heat stays indoors.
  • Sunshine soakers: Position your coop to catch the winter sun's warmth, making their mornings extra chirpy.

Feasting in the Cold:

  • Fuel those engines: Up the protein content in their feed, boosting energy for chilly adventures.
  • Porridge: Treat them to a morning feast of lukewarm Oats with added active yoghurt, a welcome warmer on frosty days.
  • Sprouted sensations: Fresh sprouts offer a nutritional boost and keep beaks busy on quiet days.

Keeping the Fun Feathered:

  • Boredom busters: Hang leafy greens, pine cones, or veggie scraps for stimulating pecking games.
  • Dust bath delights: Provide covered dust baths for preening and parasite control, even in the snow.
  • Coop Olympics: Create indoor obstacles with branches, cardboard boxes, or hay bales for some feathery fitness fun.

Remember, happy hens make healthy hens! With a little winter wonder from Cotswold Chickens, your flock will face the frost with feathers fluffed and spirits high.

Browse our Winter Essentials collection today: Cosy coop upgrades, delicious winter feeds, and engaging toys to keep your chicks entertained. Together, let's make this winter a season of snuggles, treats, and endless clucking joy!