PetzPodz are a revolutionary plastic chicken coop. Easy to clean and hens love it! Available in two sizes and six great colours there is a Petz Pod to suit your needs and flock size. Options include: mesh front, clear plastic flap or hinged ramp and low voltage heat pads.

The PetzPod has a removable perch bar for the chickens to roost, along with space at the back to lay their eggs.

The 'No Chance' run made from strong steel mesh provides protection to your birds from predators such as cats and foxes. Incorporated into it are 3 access points at handy places allowing you to easily feed or handle your pets.

To clean out the PetzPod it’s as simple as “Open, Clean, Close”. Open the Pod, change the bedding for fresh, and close it again. Being plastic and with drainage holes you can hose it down to give it a thorough clean out.

Medium can house 2 or 3 chickens.
Large can house up to 7 birds - they will need a larger run area than the No Chance run provided

Watch our PetzPodz video here:
PetzPodz PetzPodz PetzPodz PetzPodz

Our Price: £399.00

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