Battles Wound Powder

Many poultry owners will be all too familiar with the 'pecking order' and the fights that result from it. Often these chicken wars will cause injuries to the flock and will leave many birds injured with flesh wounds. 

125g Puffer bottle

Since many poultry wounds are caused by a peck, a spur, a claw, or something else dirty, germs can often get deep into the wounds. It is imperative that after cleansing the wound you have a good anti-bacterial product to kill bacteria and start the re-epithelisation process (healing).    

Battles Wound Powder Poultry products are the easy way to treat superficial wounds and abrasions and work quickly to kill bacteria to stop the threat of infection.


A bactericidal powder for minor cuts, bites, scratches, irritations and abrasions. Suitable for all poultry and bird types.  

Battles Veterinary Wound Powder is a wound dressing and helps blood coagulate. It can be applied directly to the affected area, where it covers, protects and aids in the natural healing process. The ingredients provide gentle skin disinfectants to ensure essential skin hygiene. 

Easy to use. Wash the affected area with clean water, open the nozzle and squeeze and puff the powder liberally.

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