Ardap Mite Spray

Universal pest control, effective immediately and up to six weeks after application.
It is an insecticide against flying and crawling insects including flies and other diptera, beetles, cockroaches, moths, silver fish, spiders, wood-lice, ants, mites and silverfish in domestic and public hygiene areas including pigeon lofts, dovecoats, bird cages, animal boxes and kennels.
Combats even severe insect infestation in pigeon lofts, bird cages, chicken housing.
Users have access to an immediately effective product, without time-consuming preparation, such as mixing solutions.
Places preferred by red mite and other pests are treated with ARDAP spray from a distance of approximately 30 cm until the surface is seen to be slightly moist.
The ARDAP spray kills insects immediately upon contact. Spraying surfaces and objects provides long-term protection for up to six weeks.

Ardap Mite Spray

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