Wall Mounted Wise Feeder

The wall mounted Wise feeder can be mounted to any vertical surface
and can with the addition of 5Kg modules hold up to 20kg of layers pellets!

A new type of feeder for poultry keepers looking to reduce waste and save on feed costs.
Available in two types (wall or cage mounted), these feeders can be mounted almost anywhere - poultry runs, housing, sheds, fence posts and trees and claims to save up to 40% on feed costs!

Can be used with all feed types and prevents birds scratching out feed onto the floor; this helps to keep your poultry runs cleaner and deter vermin.

10kg capacity
This is a modular feeder meaning extra 5kg cartridges can be purchased to increase the capacity up to a 20kg wall mounted feeder.

Available in Green, Grey and White.

Our Price: £39.95 Not available for online purchase

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