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Dried Mealworms
From: £8.95

All of our mealworms are premium dried, ensuring that all the nutrients are kept safe inside!

If there is anything that wild birds love it has to be mealworms - just watch you don't leave the tub unattended!!

The Little Feed Company Super Seeds Mix
From: £6.95
Just a little bit of everything
Fruit Hanger
Hang it in the run to amuse your chickens and to keep their treat clean and off the ground.
Alpha Grit Block 900g
Boredom breaker for chickens. £5.95
Natures Grub Healthy Hen Herbs
A wide range of botanical herbs & flowers as a general health boost 200g
Fresh Nest Herbs
Fresh Nest Herbs are a calming addition to their nest area 200g
Block & Fruit Hanger
280g Block & Hanger
Feldy Original Chicken Pecker Block 1.2Kg
£8.95 -Tested on our flock with fantastic results!!
Feldy  Original Chicken Pecker Balls Pack of 6
The perfect boredom buster for entertaining your chickens.
Poultry Treat Net
Amusement for your hens. Helps prevent wastage & spillage