Seaweed 1Kg


Seaweed is a totally natural multimineral supplement. It has a wide variety of readily absorbed naturally balanced minerals, trace elements, amino acids & vitamins. Feeding seaweed helps improve digestion, assimilation of minerals and boosts the immune system. In contrast to conventional mineral supplements, Seaweed is unique in being of plant origin. Seaweed contains all the minerals & trace elements an animal requires for a normal healthy life.

Safe and Natural

Being totally natural & of vegetable origin Seaweed is easily digested & is safely fed to animals of all ages.

Improved Metabolism/Stamina

Feeding Seaweed improves the animals ability to digest, enabling the animal to make better use of the feed available to it. Seaweed contains laminaran oligosaccharide which acts as elicitor for BGlucanace.

BGlucanace is an important immune stimulator in animals. By enhancing the effectiveness of the immune system, Seaweed increases the animal’s ability to cope with stress.


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