Rehoming Starter Kit

The Rehoming Starter Pack consists of:-

5kg Smallholder Layers Crumble or Pellet - the ideal starter food from the Smallholder Range

5kg Super Mixed Corn - not just plain old corn this has wheat, corn, maze, peas and grit all on one (not shown)

250ml Nettex Vit Boost   Liquid Tonic - added vitamins and minerals for their drinking water to help support their immune system on the transition. Also contains liquid seaweed which is a great supplement for feather re-growth.

300g Red Mite powder - be prepared to zap any nasties!

1.5kg Mixed Grit

250g Pecker Block

Dummy Egg - got to show them where you'd like them to lay.

200g Mealworms - high in vital protein for feather growth - not only that they love 'em!

Our Price: £46.95

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