Nettex Sterilising Solution - Concentrate

Sterilisation: An absolute term meaning complete destruction or removal of all viable micro-organisms.

By sterilising feeding equipment and utensils such as feeders / drinkers / drinking troughs / tubular feeders /cage cups / feed bins etc  you can minimise the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast which would otherwise grow within a matter of hours. Traces of leftover food or old water inside feeding equipments are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria.


Sterilises poultry feeding equipment and the home!

Sterilsing Solutions will kill against the hardiest of bacteria. Bacteria, viruses and fungi can grow quickly which is why a good sterilisation routine is the safest programme to adopt..

What bacteria does Sterilsing Solution Control?

Bacteria & Viruses        Pathogen Growth Time

Salmonella                      12- 36 hours

E.Coli 36                         48 hours

Rotavirus 15                    60 hours

Staphylococcus aureus     1-7 hours

Clostridium perfringens     12-18 hours

Campylobacter                24-60 hours

Listeria                            24-60 hours

Concentrate 1 litre sterilsing solution concentrate = 166 litres

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