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Life Guard Poultry Tonic
From: £18.50
The majority of feather pecking birds are lacking something from their diet, Life Guard can help replace the missing elements.
Healthy Hen Herbs
Healthy Hen Herbs provide a wide range of natural health benefits, botanical herbs & flowers have been used for many years to naturally treat ailments & improve general health, as well as a general health boost, this blend of herbs can help repel insects, mites & lice.
Orego stim- Avian Complete

Natural, safe & easy to use

Boosts egg production & better quality eggs

Drier droppings > cleaner perches

 Antibacterial properties > hygienic drinkers > less cleaning time 

Silkier feather quality > healthier looking


Poultry Spice
From: £7.95
Poultry Spice has been around for a long time and is the original supplement for poultry. Add a small amount to their feed during their moult, when it's cold or if your chicken is looking a little under the weather.
Nettex - Power Drops
£10.95 For Pigeon Keeper Customers only
Bokashi Bran
From: £7.95
Orego Stim Avian Complete

Do you have issues with cracked and dirty eggs? Feather condition? Gut Health?Inconsistent laying? Wet Droppings

Orego Stim - A natural solution