Cotswold Daisybell -Available

The Cotswold Daisybell comes in many different variations of black and white, as with all hybrids there is no one true colour.  She can be jet black or have white head, neck and chest feathers and have been known to be a beautiful dapple grey.  She is a hardy hen who will lay around 280+ brown eggs in her first year.  A really nice dependable hen.

Price per pullet: £22.50
No. of eggs: 280+ per year
Colour of eggs: Brown
Availability Update:
  Available and ready for collection

We're dedicated to providing you with healthy, happy hens. They have all been through a 12 point vaccination programme before coming to us which doesn't need repeated, they are sold with a two week guarantee (unfortunately not against Mr Fox or a nasty dog!) and we're the original company to offer a lifetime of free advice.  Vaccination details available on request.

We can provide carry boxes large enough for 2-3 hens charged at £2.25 per box alternatively you can bring you own box or pet carrier.

We're happy to clip their wing if needs be - we'll even let you do it so you know what to do next time!

Our Price: £22.50 Not available for online purchase

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