Chicken Toy & Superfoods Treat

Chicken Fun Toy. A fun and healthy way to supply your pet chickens with delicious treats such as Natures Grubs Super Foods Garlic & Herbs Treat

Fill the treat ball, set on the ground and stand back your feathered friends will delight in pecking at and pushing the treat ball around spilling little delicacies along the way. This innovative chicken toy helps provide nutrition while reducing boredom.

This oblong yellow plastic ball measure 2 7/8 b 3 inches.

This is a chicken toy, not intended to replace feeder.

Natures Grub has created the Superfoods  Treat as a great way to delight your flock. This treat contains
 Nettle, Marigold & Alfalfa for improved yolk & comb colour, Cinnamon, Spearmint & Garlic for its intestinal hygiene properties & Flaxseed for its high Omega 3 & 6 oils for feather health.

Ideal for the chicken toy!

Our Price: £13.95

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