Black Orpington

Black Orpingtons are large,girls who love to free range and make a great addition to any garden or smallholding.

Price per pullet: £34
No. of eggs: 200+ per year
Availability:  Limited availability - call for details

They are a very large Soft Feather Heavy breed and lay a medium sized egg (relative to their size) with a cream or pinkish tinge.

Their large size means they are suited to a free range home, best kept behind electric poultry netting.
Due to their large busty nature they have great tendencies to go broody and make great mothers.

We are able to source Black and Lavender Orpingtons and they also come in Buff, White and Blue.
We usually have around 20 pure breeds available but please ring before travelling to see us as stock varies on a daily basis - 01608 683 912.

Our Price: £34.00

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