"Avoid the Vet" - Advanced chicken keeping course

Advanced Chicken Keeping Courses

If you already keep chickens, this course is ideal; an experienced poultry keeper will teach you more about chicken physiology, common ailments - what you can treat at home and most importantly when to go to a vet. This session is designed to give you confidence in handling your flock, and the extensive notes can be then taken home to refer to at a later date

You will learn about:

  • Observation of looks and behaviour
  • Handling your hens
  • Introducing new chickens
  • Treating injuries
  • Feeding your hens
  • Common Health Supplements
  • Diagnosing and treatment of common illnesses
  • Learn from others in the discussion and questions session

Chicken handling and cake eating are compulsory (although not at the same time!), and you will get plenty of opportunities to ask questions as the course is steered by your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to call the yard on 01608 683912 should you have any further queries. This course lasts around 2.5 hours, and is very detailed, so we don't recommend it to children under 12 years.

You will receive a compre-HEN-sive goody bag full of supplier information, course notes, pens, free gift, samples and much more.

Course dates 2020:

All courses start at 11am and are held at the local Village Hall in Oxhill

To book either select one of the options below and pay online, or telephone the office on 01608 683912 and pay by card. Alternatively, email us on aagoodlifeco@gmail.com

Full payment must be made prior to the course.

Alternatively please contact Cotswold Chickens on 01608 683912 or email aagoodlifeco@gmail.com
Full payment must be made prior to the course.

Recent Feedback:
As an arguably more experienced chicken keeper having now had my (original) girls almost 3 years, I thought it time to really get into the subject matter and Clare's Advanced Course seemed just the ticket on paper. A clearly enthusiastic chicken keeper, Clare's effervescent and energetic presentation proved better in practice than even my highest hopes having read the 'brief'. What it taught me was, actually, I am not that experienced as it really opened my eyes in several areas. Most noticeably in recognising ailments and being more proactive in husbandry. I also found out that - as a treat - they will eat much more than I have been giving them! The moment I first turned the chicken upside down to examine will stay with me for a long time (Clare will know what I mean - lol!).
I am more confident, comfortable and possibly even more caring as an owner now and my girls had better start getting used to MUCH more handling!
Thanks to Clare for an enjoyable and informative session (and fellow students - Wendy and I had a great time and it was lovely to meet you all).   Gary & Wendy

Hello, just wanted to thank you for your wisdom - it seems like you're the 'go to' expert on lice and mites! I'm new to chicken-keeping and on Sunday found out that one of my girls has northern fowl mite. I went to the vet, who gave me Xeno 450 - I dosed the birds, sprayed the coop etc., diaried for when they next needed to be treated according to the instructions (2 weeks) and then hoped I'd sorted it.  
This morning I checked the coop and no mites to be seen - yay! Then I checked Constance and :vom: still mites moving around on her. Not as many, but the ones that are there look pretty lively. So off I went hunting again, and found your comment on the mites thread (which I had read through but missed your comment the first time) about Xeno not working for NFM! I've spoken to the vet and am waiting for a call back as to how to get hold of the stuff that's needed. But I just wanted to say thanks because I hadn't been able to find that info anywhere else!  Via email


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