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Large ACV & Seaweed
Large ACV & Seaweed
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5ltr Natural ACV is Non-pasteurised so it is literally alive. It looks cloudy as  it contains the "mother" the cobweb like substance, which grows naturally on the surface. The gel like substance is the pectin, which is found naturally in apples. These are what gives it all the health benefits. No known pathogens can survive in raw ACV 

ACV contains 19 of 22 minerals essential for maintenance, growth & repair in the body, it provides enzymes and important minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, chlorine, phosphorous, iron, silicon, sodium, fluorine and other trace minerals. In fact it contains 93 different components. The vitamins contained in ACV are bioflavonoids (vitamin P), beta-carotene (precursor to vitamin A), vitamin C, E, B1, B2 and B6. Tannins from the crushed cell walls of fresh apples as well as malic acid, tartaric acid, propionic acid, acetic acid and pectin and other powerful nutrients which are very important in fighting body toxins, purifying the cells and ridding the body of poisons.

2kg Seaweed is a totally natural multi mineral supplement. It has a wide variety of readily absorbed naturally balanced minerals, trace elements, amino acids & vitamins. Feeding seaweed helps improve digestion, assimilation of minerals & the immune system. In contrast to conventional mineral supplements, Seaweed is unique in being of plant origin. Seaweed contains all the minerals & trace elements an animal requires for a normal healthy life. 

Free gali pot.

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