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Due to popular demand, we now have County Gold table birds for you to rear at home.
Rearing at home means you are able to feed the best quality feed and give them a life where they can feel the sun on their backs and the grass beneath their feet – far removed from the commercially reared chicken found in supermarkets, with a completely different taste and texture.
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The County Gold are commercial slow growing bird who are suited to backyard keepers and smallholder as they reach their optimum weight around 72 days old; this can be slowed down with the introduction of corn feed if required. Slower growth means they don’t have the leg problems of faster growing birds, they are much more upright and able to hold their own weight.

We usually have 2 strains of birds in each batch so that the growth differences between the strains and both males and females, means they mature at different stages so don't all have to be processed at once, giving you Sunday lunch spread out over a few weeks.

Cotswold Goodlife table chicksThey come into Cotswold Goodlife as day olds and can be purchased straight away but you must have the correct equipment in order to keep them warm for the next 5 weeks until they are old enough to go outside.

Rearing them isn’t as difficult as you might think, they can be kept in a shed, garage or utility/spare room, they need to be kept warm under a heat lamp until they are about 5 weeks old.

In this time it is possible to let them have some freedom as long as they don’t get too cold.

They are fed on chick crumbs until 5 weeks old when growers pellets should be slowly introduced.
It’s not advisable to mix young growing table birds with existing laying hens; the young table birds may well bring out the mothering instinct in the layers and they’ll take them under their wing and make them broody. On the other hand it might bring out the defensive nature in the layers who could seriously damage the youngsters - but more importantly the young chicks are not vaccinated.

Our chicks are sold in any quantity above our minimum order of 4.
Please pre-order and once ready, collection can be arranged 7 days a week.
Day old chicks available soon - contact to be added to waiting list
One day old - 1 week old - £1.50 each
1 weeks old - 2 weeks old - £2.00 each
2 weeks old - 4 weeks old - £2.50 each

Discount available on larger quantities.
We order chicks from the hatchery and have a minimum order but this can be increased so
f you are interested, please contact us to pre-order and avoid disappointment.