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Egg Skelter


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Egg Rotator

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Q: Why are my chickens feather pecking?

A: It's unusual for hens to moult at this time of year, so there could be one of a... [Read Full Answer]

Q: One of my flock is very lethargic?

A: I am glad to hear that she has been wormed recently as that's my first... [Read Full Answer]

Q: How do I get rid of Red Mite?

A: The mite and lice situation is particularly bad this year - the warm damp spring... [Read Full Answer]

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New stocks are here

The Cotswold Blue Angel is here at last! To find out more about her call us or visit the shop!

including The Cotswold Splash, Cotswold Jasmine,  Amber Lee and Bluebelles arrived this week

We have most other Hybrids in stock Goldline, Black Tail, Speckledy, Daisybelle, White Star, Black Star

Ring for details of ducklings
 Italian and Japanese Quail all in stock now and ready to go! Pure breed restocks are here at last but limited numbers so hurry


Our GIFT VOUCHERS make great presents; available in £5 & £10's

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Edgehill Stud Stratford Rd, Kineton CV35 0DX
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New Premises

NEW Premises

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Coop Covers

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Keeping chickens has become one of the UK'S fastest growing hobbies, with little or no experience, the world of hen keeping will quickly become part of your life with huge rewards - not just in egg form.

It's a hobby you will never tire from; on the contrary, it's addictive! Our chickens for sale have the unknowing ability to capture your attention, each one has a personality and you'll find yourself watching them for hours. We usually have a variety of point of lay pullets available; you can mix the breeds to create your own designer flock. Whether you're a new beginner, or an established keeper, you'll have no regrets.

We also stock a huge variety of chicken houses and products meaning that we are the one stop shop for both new and experienced poultry keepers. Please feel free to browse our website and online shop, and if you need any help and advice feel free to get in touch.

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Along with providing one of the widest ranges of essentials and accessories for your chickens, we have also crafted an excellent reputation for our care and support.

Many people come to us simply seeking help and advice for the overall well being of their feathered friends. With the addition of our new forum and our video blogs we are striving to further the support we give to our website visitors.

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